Freemansburg Amateur Hillclimb

MC32 presents amateurs for the first time ever at the Freemansburg Motorcycle Hillclimb

Partnered with Bushkill Valley Motorcycle Club, New England Hillclimbers Association, & the Northeastern Hillclimb Challenge to put on an unforgettable event



Saturday, August 10th

Gate fee: $10 per person, 12 &under free


Freemansburg Motorcycle Hillclimb

2248 Riverside Dr. Bethlehem, PA 18015


Friday, Aug. 9th – Setup

Rider and Vendor setup: 2-8pm

Sign up and Check-in:  2-8pm

Fireworks: 9:15pm, weather permitting

Saturday, Aug 10th – Racing , food and Vendors

Sign up and Check-in:  7-7:45am

Riders meeting: 8:30am, all riders must attend 

Racing starts at 9am: Youth classes (2 rounds), Youth awards followed by Amateur classes.



**Possible entry limit**

Trophies top 3 each class plus additional awards


Gate $10 per person, 12 &under free

Overnight parking $15 per vehicle for both Friday & Saturday 

Pre-Entry is Closed

Entry on August 9th or 10th, $35 per class (Cash only)

Verticross sign-ups will be available on race day



Check in on Friday, Aug 9th or Saturday, Aug 10th

Attend riders meeting

AMA membership

Helmet, eye protection, boots above ankle, pants, and long sleeve shirt

Working front brake

Levers must have spherical ends

Front number plate

AMA Rules: 2019 AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook



Youth classes

Micro Mini: riders 4-8 years old, 0-50cc, max 12” wheels, automatic transmission

65cc: riders 6-11 years old, 0-65cc 2-stroke and 0-90cc 4-stroke, max 14”

Mini Junior: riders 7-11 years old, 52cc-85cc 2-stroke and 52-125cc 4-stroke, max 14” wheels

Mini Senior: riders 12-15 years old, 66-85cc 2-stroke and 75-125cc 4-stroke, max 16” rear and 19” front wheels

Mini Girls: female riders 4-15 years old, 0-85cc 2-stroke or 0-125cc 4-stroke, max 16” rear and 19” front wheels

Super mini: riders 12-15 years old, 99-112cc 2- stroke and 99-150cc 4-stroke, mini cycles with 16” rear and 19” front wheels

Amateur Classes (must be 12 years old to race a 250cc and 14 years old to race 251cc+)

125cc: 86-125cc motorcycles

200cc: 126-200cc 2-stroke and 126-250cc 4-stroke motorcycle

250cc: 201cc-250cc motorcycle

450cc: 251-450cc motorcycle

600cc: 451-600cc motorcycle

750cc: 601-750cc motorcycle

Open: motorcycles 751cc and larger

Senior: riders at least 40 years of age, any size motorcycle

Super senior: riders at least 50 years of age, any size motorcycle

Women: female riders at least 12 years old on any motorcycle or minicycle with an engine displacing at least 86cc

400 stock wheelbase: motorcycles 86-400cc with engines in matching frames and stock wheelbase

Open stock wheelbase: motorcycles 401cc and larger with engines in matching frames and stock wheelbase

Vintage: motorcycles 3 cylinders or less, 1982 or older engine and chassis

Four stroke: 0-600cc four-stroke motorcycles

Two stroke: 0-600cc two-stroke motorcycles